FRONTROW out now! Time flies and everything grows and goes so fast! Makewhile!

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FRONTROW is taken from the album ‘Susanne and the Sad Sunset Disco’, coming october 20th. FRONTROW is about joy, big responsibilities and being aware of the cliche of ’time flies and they grow up so fast’ everyday.

MUSIC & LYRICS sue the night (suus de groot) PRODUCED BY viktor van woudenberg, sue CO-PRODUCED BY jaimie van hek VOCAL PRODUCTION sue & Q (linda w.van leeuwen) MIX thijs van der klugt (kaufhaus radio) MASTERING frederik dejongh (jerboa mastering) SUE guitar, leadvocal, backing vocals JAIMIE VAN HEK bass VICTOR DIRKS drums JORDY SANGER lead guitar MATTHIJS BARNHOORN violin FRANK WIENK melodic percussion LINDA VAN LEEUWEN backing vocals SENNEMAN joyfull laugh TNX jorissey, jack pisters, sena. Also everything to mom, dad, bonneke and the best babydaddy and big boy in the world :)